Why Am I Writing This Blog? Or, Why I Fired My Husband

Last month, I started working my way through Elite Blog Academy 3.0 by Ruth Soukup – a course which, admittedly, I had signed up for back in July.  However, between getting married and a subsequent move (more on that later), I hadn’t had a chance to really dig in yet. As I work my way through the course, I’m realizing that the reasons I originally started this blog were a little vague, and trying to be too-many-things-to-too-many-people.  Don and I both wanted to share our journey, and so we launched a joint blog that aimed to cover paying off debt, increasing our income, side hustles, his boat repair methods, DIY projects, escaping to the Keys…wow, that’s a lot to cover!  And it was really too much. So, fast forward a year, and I’m working through what I really want this blog to be.  It will still be a joint project, with occasional input from Don; but going forward, it will be primarily mine.  I realized that I want to write to women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have good lives but know there’s more out there for them.  Women who, between career and kids and family, have somehow lost the sparkle of true adventure.  Women who, like my own mother, may have given up many of their hopes and dreams to raise a family, but who are realizing that those choices have left them unfulfilled on a personal level. I look around at the women in my peer group, and they’re AMAZING people!  Before settling down, they pursued education, traveled extensively, did unbelievable things, and achieved major life goals.  Now, as mothers or wives or simply further along in their careers, they’re recognizing that their earlier focus has faded. It’s my highest hope that this blog will help rekindle the joy of adventure.  Yes, loosening the constraints of debt, day-to-day life, and possessions can be hard.  Yes, it will require change.  But the payoff, living a life of adventure, freedom, and flexbility, will be SO worth it!

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