What Do You Really Want More Of?

J. Money over at BudgetsareSexy recently did a poll of his Twitter followers, asking what they wanted more of:

Now, given these choices, I would have picked money.  After all, the man writes a money blog…so no surprises there.

But mostly I thought that the things I really wanted more of weren’t on the list.  Possibly it’s related to gender – after all, as a thirty-something mom, neither beer nor sex would’ve been options in the poll if I wrote it!

The poll, though, did start me wondering what the top 5 things I wanted more of actually were.  Here’s what I came up with:

Dream Life 6
Dream Life 4
Dream Life 3
Dream Life 2
Dream Life 5

If I had to put it into words, it would range from “something more” to “catching a fresh lobster for dinner every day.” What do YOU really want more of? Can you turn it into an image gallery or vision board to keep yourself motivated?

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