Refreshing Your “Why”

This week, between working my regular full-time job and looking, endlessly, at potential real estate investment opportunities, I had little time to reflect.  But, we did find time to duck away for an overnight trip up the coast for two days of nonstop kayaking, fishing, and (at least theoretically) looking for scallops for the upcoming season.  We only ever saw one solitary scallop, though, so we won’t be heading back there for the season. I’ve also been reading real estate investing books like crazy.  So far, I think my favorite is this one: Multifamily Real Estate Investing: How To Buy Multifamily Properties The Right Way: Your No Fluff Guide To Making Offers In 20 Minutes or Less. In the midst of all this, two things happened that renewed my motivation to kick the job habit and live on the water full-time.  First, my company made the top 15 on the list of the WORST companies to work for.  Not exactly news to anyone who’s been there for the last year or so, but not exactly encouraging either. Then, after a day of kayaking capped off by an amazing snow crab and clam chowder meal at a seaside grill, I realized I was feeling happy.  It’s actually the reason we’re working toward this goal, really – the saltwater, and water sports, always relax my mind and restore my soul. I don’t have some big long blog post in me tonight, guys – just an encouragement to find ways to reconnect with your “why” regularly.  Being miserable and delaying gratification completely won’t help you reach your goal faster – it might just burn you out.

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