Revisiting Goals: Checking in on Finances and Progress

I can’t believe we made it through the entire month of May without posting! It has been completely crazy in the last six weeks:
  • Don had another heart surgery and hospital stay
  • We’ve been back to court not once but three times for full-day hearings on child custody
  • My mother, who lives on the other coast of the country, broke her back in several places
  • At work, I’ve had five trade shows and a full-week training session – all within a couple of weeks
  • We were involved in a good friend’s wedding weekend, including travel
Okay…looking at that list, I can understand why we weren’t posting much!  Now, though, let’s talk about some great progress we’ve made toward our goals:
  • We’re now halfway through paying off USAA – woo-hoo!
  • We’re close to reaching a settlement with Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Massive progress has been made with regards to Don’s disability situation
  • We’ve sent invitations for our wedding on August 5th, and completed basic planning
As we head into a “slow” summer for us, including a two-week period where my son is on vacation with his biological father, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to re-visit and re-tool the plans for the remainder of the year. Even now, though, I’m fairly sure I want to come out of this year with no credit card debt.  That would actually be amazing – particularly considering we really just started this effort last year!  It would leave me with student loans to attack still, of course; but they’re at a much lower interest rate and so not as high priority.  It would mean we’d come out of the year with all high-interest debt paid off, which would be HUGE! Halfway through the year, how have your goals changed?  What do you want to accomplish between now and December?

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