Resources We Love

These are some of the resources we personally use and love, whether to run this blog, save money, or source new boat parts.



As a recovering English teacher’s daughter (translation: I was nagged ENDLESSLY as a child about using correct grammar), I thought that my writing was pretty solid. However, Grammarly is free, so I thought I would give it a try…and right away I noticed it catching some mistakes!

So, whether you’re an expert writer or not, give them a try…they have browser plug-ins and Windows based options.



When you shop online, Upromise puts money into your child’s college savings account for you – or uses it to pay off your own student loans!  We don’t earn a ton through Upromise, but an extra few hundred dollars a year towards college savings really adds up – particularly when we’re working on paying down debt, instead of saving money.  Free to join, and if you don’t have kids yet, you can still start saving now and change the beneficiary when you do have children.