Project Boat: Grady White Sailfish 25′ “Before” Shots

Wow…somehow I let Don talk me into another project boat slash maybe-we’ll-just-keep-it boat.  We already own a recently-revamped 25′ Proline with dual 150hp engines, a small cabin, front v-berth, and porta-potty, by the way. However, driving down the side of the road back in January, we came across this Grady White with beautiful lines.  It was partially dismantled, with engines hanging on the back but missing lower end on one, and broken tilt/trim mechanisms on both.  The deck had been taken up to re-do the fuel tanks, but never re-assembled. It turned out, the owner of the car lot next door had planned on re-doing it for his boys, but never got around to it.  Further inspection also revealed that the floor of the cabin had been removed (presumably due to rotting/softness), but never replaced. But the Grady had several things going for it, as well.  Although there were definitely things that needed addressing, the engines turned over and appeared in decent condition  (aside from the afore-mentioned missing parts!). The hull and deck were solid, and probably most attractive to us, the cabin had not only a v-berth but also a coffin or quarter-berth, which would be perfect for our son.  And, the cabin also featured a fully separate bathroom with toilet and shower, instead of just a porta-potty sitting in the open. And probably most of all, it had an owner who had realized he wasn’t going to do anything with it, and was willing to let it go. Now, as we work to get ready for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon, we’re busy re-doing the Grady White.  Some of the things we’re doing, like swapping the 150hp fully rebuilt engines from the Proline, are pretty big projects.  So are replacing the cabin floor, installing the fuel tanks, rewiring almost everything, and….well, you get the idea. So, as we’re mid-way through this project, I wanted to post “before” pictures now, so we can refer back to them later.  Don’t run screaming, okay?  It’s really not that bad under all the mess.  

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