Progress is Made: Stuff is Leaving the House!

Okay, after a SLOW start we seem to be gaining momentum in moving things out of the house!  We’re even MAKING MONEY on some of it. I also had a conversation with my mother while she was in town last week, that I was thinking about getting rid of several things she had given me.  Her attitude was “let it go!”  I’m feeling so much better about selling the motorcycle bags she gave me that didn’t fit my bike right, as well as a few other items! Here’s the list of what we’ve gotten rid of recently:
  • Several boxes of miscellaneous household items – donated
  • TV stand and CD Rack – donated
  • Air Fryer – Sold!
  • Charcoal Smoke n’ Grill – Sold!
  • Miche Big Bag – Sold!
  • Too Small Car Seat – Sold!
  • Tiffany Silver Ring – Sold!
  • Misc. Clothing Items – Sold!
  • Real Gold Jewelry I will never wear – Sold!
We have a whole host of things that are online, either via Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay, and in the process of being sold.  Yipee – I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching things leave and decluttering! Next Step: Swap meet!   We’ve agreed that the third weekend in December , the 17th & 18th, will be a trip to the swap meet with all of the little items that aren’t worth enough to ship, or are too big to ship easily, etc.  Wish us luck with a BIG volume of things leaving that day!

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