Our Stuff

This page is definitely still a work in progress.  However, the plan here is to list out the major things we need to address, and knock them off the list one by one.

Everything here falls under our goal of simplifying – they’re major projects that we need to get done, or big items we need to get rid of.  There are a million little things to do, but here are the BIG things that we need to tackle.  For what we’re trying to tackle in 2018 specifically, read our recent post.

Stuff to Deal With


Storage Unit

Don has had a storage unit (it’s huge – 10×20!) with all kinds of things in it (Star Wars memorabilia, anyone?).  We desperately need to get this emptied out and/or moved to a smaller unit, as it’s very expensive (around $200/month) to keep.  Update 10/2016: We are making progress, have sold several items from the storage unit!.

Big Project Boat

When we bought our Grady White last year, we already had a 25′ Proline.  We actually did swap the engines from the Proline to the Grady, meaning right now we have a Proline with no engines on it, and 2 outboards sitting on engine mounts.  We’re still working through whether to sell these separately, or finalize it and sell all together – but either way, we need to get this moving!


Project Boat Engine

We bought a boat a few months ago to fix up and sell.  It turns out the hull wasn’t worth saving (we knew that might be the case going in, and paid accordingly!).  So, in 2017 we took the hull, minus all usable parts and the fuel tank, to the local landfill.  

Leaving this here as a to-do item because the engine still needs to be rebuilt and sold.

Stuff We’ve Dealt With


Fixing My Motorcycle

My motorcycle has been MIA for a while now (it broke down just before Don’s first heart attack), and is cluttering up the garage.  It needs to be fixed and put back together!  Woo-hoo – as of 3/2018, this is DONE! 


Project Motorcycle(s)

We actually *had* two motorcycles that fell into the “project” category.  Woo-hoo – we actually sold one of the project bikes in early October!  So progress in this area, but we definitely still have to get to the other project bike. Update – this is done :).


Project Car

This is a car that went into storage a couple of years ago because we weren’t using it, and now it’s really just needing to be sold.  Update: it has new tires and a new battery; it’s ready to go!  Sold 12/2017!


Computer Parts

We have a TON of computer parts, half-built computers, and endless wires leftover from Don’s days building and refurbishing computers.  They’re cluttering up the office/den, and it’s time to get them sorted and moving on!

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