Shut Up & Go: Now is the Time To Follow Your Dreams

We have all heard the “just do it” slogan repeated more times than I can count.  I didn’t bother to count how many times it appears in this video…but it’s a LOT.  And while Shia LaBeouf screaming “Just do it!” at you probably isn’t a big motivator (or maybe it is!), I find more and more that “just do it” is the answer to many of the questions I’m asked regularly.

For example: What gave you the courage to quit your job, rent out your home, and move to Japan…in less than two weeks’ time?

The answer, really, is I just. did. it.  There wasn’t any magic involved – when the opportunity arose, I said yes.  I made up my mind, and then I made it happen.  This is true of so many things in life; all you really have to do is decide.  Are you ready to pay off debt?  Decide to do it, and just go do it.  Are you ready to meet the love of your life?  Decide, and do it.  It may take work, it may take time, but the root of the issue, that straw that broke the camel’s back, is really just deciding to make it happen.

I don’t know how you dive with sharks…haven’t you seen Shark Week?  There’s no way I could do that!

Here again – just do it!  If exploring the world’s oceans triggers your imagination, and your sense of wonder at God’s creation, like it does mine…just go do it.  Wikipedia says there are an average of only 16 shark attacks each year in the United States…and only one person actually dies every two years.  Yes, the news will run wild with any shark attacks that do occur.  But fear is never a good reason not to do something.  If the reality is, you’re just not that interested in scuba diving…hey, no problem, go find something you ARE that interested in!  But don’t use sharks being dangerous as an excuse.

How can I pay off debt when I’m struggling just to pay the bills?

You know the answer…just do it!  I don’t mean to over-simplify, and there are a million ways to accomplish this particular goal.  Can’t cut spending?  Increase your income – start consulting on the side, get a second job, sell stuff online.  Can’t get a second job because you’re staying home with the kids?  Find a way to make money from home – try dogsitting, which you can do from home on your own schedule.  Can’t do any of those things?  Consider moving in with family to save money while you pay down debts.  There are as many methods as there are fish in the sea – it might require a few changes, it will require some adjusting; but it really can be done.  The key is making that decision – deciding, once and for all, to JUST DO IT.  After that, the pieces start to fall into place; and you’ll find that you get there much faster than you might expect.

What are you putting off or struggling to achieve?  And why are you leaving room for doubt or failure?  Tell me what you’re going to “just do” this year – and then go make it happen!

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