I’m Sally, an ocean-loving, free spirited wife and mom.  We’re designing a future that moves away from the white-picket-fence we thought we wanted, and builds in freedom, adventure, and flexibility. 

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  • Refreshing Your “Why”
    This week, between working my regular full-time job and looking, endlessly, at potential real estate investment opportunities, I had little time to reflect.  But, we did find time to duck away for an overnight trip up the coast for two days of nonstop kayaking, fishing, and (at least theoretically) looking for scallops for the upcoming […]
  • 10 Steps to Sailing Off into the Sunset
    You’re not believing the trap of the “I could never…” crowd, are you? The ones whose INSTANT reaction to anything other than working-in-a-cubicle-until-you-retire-at-65 is a gasp, followed by a (barely masked) eye roll?  The ones who would never even think of actually sailing off into the sunset? These days, it seems the communal reaction to […]
  • Should I take the Leap?  Should I Travel?  Should I…Whatever?
    Last night, my 67-year-old mother called me to ask if she should move to Hawaii for a few months before a planned move to Florida from California.I was actually rather shocked – this is, after all, the woman from whom I’ve learned my lifelong belief in saying YES to travel in any form, whenever the […]
  • What Are You Willing to Give Up To Reach Your Goals?
    Most articles about saving money talk about cutting out cable, or reducing your cell phone bill, or calling your insurance company to get a better rate. But are those things really enough to make a significant difference?  Today, I want to talk about some things that most of us don’t even question, but that are […]
  • A Scuba Instructor’s #1 Trick for Clearing Your Ears When Scuba Diving
    When I tell people I’m a scuba instructor, they usually start giving me the top reason they can’t scuba dive, even though they want to.  Reason #1 is typically sharks…think Jaws, Shark Week, dunh-dunh-dunh.  My usual response is that I love sharks, and I’ve been scuba diving all over the world with some of the biggest […]