Creative Ways to Save When Planning a Wedding

Have you ever noticed how many articles there are that tell you to get rid of your cable subscription?  Or call your car insurance provider and ask for a discount?  It seems these recommendations are everywhere, but what if you’re ALREADY doing those basic things?  What if your $8 Netflix subscription has already replaced your expensive cable package (or if, as in our case, you NEVER actually had a cable package to begin with)? As we start figuring out what we want out of our wedding next year, it’s becoming clear that we are NOT willing to abandon our other goals and dreams to throw a huge bash.  It’s also not particularly something either of us is interested in – we really just want to celebrate with a few select people.  But, even within a smaller wedding, there are still plenty of opportunities to completely blow your budget on everything from renting a boat to wedding rings to clothing choices. We’ll keep you updated as we go, but so far here are some of the things we’re doing to plan our perfect wedding while still making progress on other goals:
  1. Recently, we realized that there are really beautiful new options for engagement rings in black titanium – a practical, durable and light-weight metal that’s still cost-effective.  Also, I LOVE the look of a diamond offset by black metal; it’s absolutely stunning.   We’re also waiting a little while to actually order the ring, as it’s that time of year when nearly every business has sales and specials, and we’ve been told that the titanium ring I adore will go on sale shortly.
  2. Creating custom bride and groom rash guards instead of a tuxedo and wedding dress.  Admittedly, lots of people have underwater weddings and still opt for a full dress and tux, but we’re not going that route.  Plus, we’ve discovered that, while underwater weddings are fairly commonplace these days, attire designed for them is hard to find.  Keep tuned for an update if you’re planning your own underwater wedding!

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