2017: What’s Coming

Over the weekend, Don and I had a chance to sit down and really take a look at what we want to accomplish in 2017.  It was an amazing process – and I’m happy to welcome Don as he kicks off a new blog series here on fishing, and outboard boat motor repair. More exciting, though, is all that we’ve got planned for the next few months.  Toward that end, I wanted to set a “focus word” for us in 2017. And the word is….Freedom!  Freedom from unwanted clutter, from debt, from being tied to one place and time.  We made major progress in this arena in 2016, and 2017 will propel us into the future and our dreams. This year will be about sharing our journey and what we’re learning (with more to learn every day!), in the hopes that you undertake your own journey with us! So, stay tuned – we’re amping up OurKeysEscape.com in a big way, and we look forward to sharing it all with you!

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